Thursday, January 06, 2005

Tried MOOX: the Optimized Firefox & Thunderbird Builds

Daniel Lipsy pointed me to MOOX, the Optimized Firefox & Thunderbird Builds. Just tried them. After doing a "browse around a little and read blogs a little" test, I decided to keep the regular builds because:
  1. The MOOX builds don't have visible performance gains over the standard builds on my ThinkPad T40 (Pentium M).
  2. MOOX Firefox doens't have a standard icon.
  3. MOOX Thunderbird's executible is 12MB vs 7.5MB.
  4. When I click on a link in MOOX Thunderbird, MOOX Firefox loads the correct page but doesn't automatically become the active window.
Thanks for the pointer anyway. I wish the optimized flag be folded into the standard builds.