Monday, January 30, 2006


Some interesting discussion of Spring Framework by a colleague.

The Story

Here is an interview of the creator (Joshua Schachter) of, which was recently acquired by Yahoo. What can we learn from it? One thing I'd say is many great products come from developers scratching their own itches. is no exception.
I originally created it to manage my own bookmarks.
There are certainly many other factors. But when the user and a great developer collapse into the same person, it is something to watch.

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

JavaScript vs. Ruby

Paul Hammant (of PicoContainer and IoC fame) debated with Ruby fans about JavaScript vs. Ruby:
In a pub debate last night, I asked the remainder of the Chicago Ruby Users Group ( whether they'd prefer Ruby to JavaScript in the browser as the language that supplements HTML to punch through the glass ceiling. The answer was a resounding no. JavaScript per se, and in particular give you just about anything you need to supplement the feature limited HTML we all know and love.
Well, JavaScript on the client side is a given. However, it's the server side (in addition to client side) where most interesting things happen.