Thursday, December 21, 2006

Now a Mac Convert

Got a MacBook Pro today. I only need one word to summarize the first impression: natural. As a new comer to Mac OS X, I didn't have any problem finding things because they are where they should be. I don't fully understand how many things work. But I am not afraid of messing things up and leaving them in a bad state. On Windows, you have to know what you are doing to avoid getting into that state. Only things that I miss from my ThinkPad are:
  • The red dot track point, which is so much easier than moving your finger tip on the track pad
  • The right button! Having to hold down Ctrl is a major hassle
  • Home and end keys by themselves
After I set up Parallels to run Windows, I guess I will have everything I need for development and testing environments.


Thanks Geert for the tip for two-finger secondary click. After using it for half a day, it's obvious this machine is going to be my primary one. There is so attention to details in this jewel. One case in point: the magnetic power cord can be plugged in either way (there is no up or down).