Tuesday, November 23, 2004

Excited about 1060 NetKernel

I bumped into 1060 NetKernel several times before. Only this time it really registered because recently I have been thinking about REST, closure/block, Cornerstone Shell, functional language for service orchestration/composition, etc. at roughly the same time.

Active URI is the killer: active:serviceuri+arg1@arg1uri+arg2@arg2uri... Example: active:xslt+operand@file:/my.xml+operator@file:/mytransform.xsl. This is basically Cornerstone's registry entry for an invocation. The referenced invcations are just closures/blocks/lazily evaluated. It's so exciting to see so many concepts coming together fitting each other!

Another pleasant surprise is in what they call Dependency Caching and what I call Forward Propagation Model. I am glad to see someone else has actually implemented this idea I had a long time ago.

I look forward to exploring 1060 NetKernel in details.