Wednesday, January 12, 2005

My Earliest Usenet Post

Looks like it's Find your earliest Usenet post day today. So it's fun to join. Go to Google Groups to find yours. Here is mine:
Newsgroups: comp.sys.pen

From: (Jun Yang)
Date: Mon, 5 Oct 1992 06:16:31 GMT Local: Sun, Oct 4 1992 11:16 pm
Subject: Re: EO (Hobbit & GO)
From article <>, by (Glenn Golden):
> I saw in last week's info world that there was
> going to be a news conference today (10/1)
> in redwood city kicking off a new company,
> which I think is called "EO". It is backed
> by AT&T, and some other companies. It will
> produce a computer / communications device
> based on the hobbit and the GO operating system.
> I think this is the Hobbit + GO deal we have
> been heading about! Does any one have more
> information?
> - Glenn R. Golden, Dexter, MI
> (home) (public access INTERNET)
> (work) (a nice place to work)

You can call into our main number (415) 903-8100 and Gill will
direct you to a right person in marketing for the information
you want about EO.

Jun Yang
EO, Inc.
I speak for myself.
It's amazing that every bit of that stuff is still there.