Thursday, May 31, 2007

Palm's New Foleo

Palm recently introduced the Foleo. I was a little surprised Jeff Hawkins is fully behind it because it doesn't feel like a break-through type of product.

Is there a need for it? Yes! Does Foleo fill a void? No. My laptop is already my Foleo albeit presumably not as easy to use. These days laptops can be as cheap as Foleo. So I don't think Foleo has a niche big enough to fill.

From a slightly different angle, Foleo is a Linux device. It breaks ground of a new category of PCs that is Linux based, runs a good collection of applications for communication, audio/video and other essential functions. Ideally these applications should operate seamlessly either online or offline. Also, if any different, these applications should be very similar to their real PC counterparts. This is the more interesting aspect of Foleo.