Wednesday, December 01, 2004

Other People Worried about RIAs Also

So I am not alone in advocating sticking to the web for RIAs. Here is a post on today's TheServerSide.
I know I'm just one quiet voice in a storm, but if you are thinking of developing any kind of "rich" web application, please, please, embrace all the aspects of the web experience we all love so much rather than rejecting them for your own preferences and assumptions. Don't make your application an irritating, restricted and unfamiliar alternative to the web browser experience, make it a comfortable extension to the web browser experience. If you don't allow your customers the control they are used to on the web, you will alienate your users and risk being out-evolved by a more compatible product.
Thanks, Frank, for speaking up. No, you are not alone. Let's improve the web while keeping it the web.